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Coleman Foundation

Sean Washington, Grants Manager and Shelley Davis, CEO, Coleman Foundation

In 2020, Coleman knew they needed to expand their staff. Kris was referred to Coleman as the consultant who possessed the right skill set and experience in designing personnel structures as well as recruiting and hiring. Kris conducted a personnel assessment, interviewed all staff, and revised each job description. The assessment led to the recommendation to hire an Executive Assistant. Kris successfully conducted that search and was hired again in 2023 to coordinate the search for an open Grants Manager position.

“Kris was flexible and responsive as our thinking around these two positions evolved. She is a great listener who encouraged us when we got “stuck.” We appreciated her competitive pricing and how she leveraged her broad network in the sector.”

Shelley Davis

“Kris was 100% transparent about every facet of the interview process. I was sure where I stood from the first phone call all the way to receiving a formal offer. She excels at assessing and matching candidate skills to the position and the culture of the organization.”

Sean Washington


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