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Facing Forward to End Homelessness

Robret Simpson, Director of Operations for Facing Forward to End Homeless, reached out to Kris for assistance with strategic staffing and organizational growth. Kris grasped the organization’s mission quickly. She evaluated the entire organization and created a multi-year strategic personnel plan for restructuring, including personnel changes, creating new job descriptions, and designing operational improvements. Once that phase was complete, Kris coordinated the search for the newly created development department and found staff with the character and skills to be the perfect culture fit. There have been several growth spurts at Facing Forward over the last 10 years and they have returned to Kris each time to re-strategize and plan their next expansion phase.

“Kris has a real commitment to an organization’s mission and vision. Whenever I work with her, I feel like she’s another staff person. And her commitment doesn’t end when the project ends. Her follow-up is outstanding – she has a genuine commitment to the success of the organization.”

Robret Simpson, then Director of Operations, Facing Forward to End Homelessness. Robret is now Executive Director, Franciscan Outreach


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