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Girls Scouts of Greater Chicago and NW Indiana

Jenny Waszak, HR Director, approached Kris to develop new salary ranges that would reflect current nonprofit salary levels. Her work expanded to include conducting a benefits analysis and making recommendations for an increased benefits package. Those recommendations provided an opportunity to create a healthy work-life balance and address the needs of the diverse group of Girl Scout employees. Additionally, Kris worked with leaders to write a Compensation Philosophy Policy which articulates the organization’s core values and an equity mindset in their practices regarding setting their compensation packages. Kris will work with them again to advance the work one more step—developing performance criteria that will reflect how a staff member can move up the salary ladder as well as writing a communications roll-out plan for their employees to learn about the new changes.

“Kris was instrumental in helping us pull together data that showed what we could do to improve our employee experience. With her guidance and direction, we looked at our employee benefit offerings and saw areas where we could offer outstanding benefits that employees find valuable today. We are excited to continue to work with Kris to improve our compensation and benefits packages and help our employees understand the changes we have implemented!”

Jenny Waszak, HR Director


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