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Sunshine Gospel Ministries

Kris has led 60 compensation projects, taking organizations through the process of defining a compensation philosophy policy, conducting salary and benefit research, and adapting new salary ranges and benefits programs—all aimed at reducing bias and developing equitable compensation programs.

A fellow consultant recommended Kris for a compensation and benefits review for Sunshine Gospel Ministries which works to engage and empower youth and families in the Woodlawn neighborhood. After conducting research and analysis of current nonprofit salaries and benefits program, Kris made a number of recommendations which better served their staff while also aiding recruitment of new employees. Kris' role expanded to include coaching on staff structure to meet the organization’s growth, revising the annual employee performance assessment process, and connecting them to specialized development consultants to provide ongoing support to increase major gifts.

“Kris Torkelson is an awesome Human Resource and Operations consultant. She was attentive and very thorough in quickly gaining an understanding of our specific organization and needs. Kris’ professionalism and knowledge exceeded our expectations. She worked using a strategic approach and met our tight timeframe. Our Executive Board was very pleased with the entire project. Kris and I still keep in touch. I can always rely on her to give counsel, recommendations of supportive referrals, and connections to resources. I’m delighted to be a part of Torkelson Consulting's client base.”

Kimberly Salley, Executive Director, Sunshine Gospel Ministries


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